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Связать шапки шарфы варежки

Необычные аксеесуары-отличный подарок. 

 Crochet and Knitted Cowls


Hand Knit socks Warm Red Winter Wear Hipster by ScandinavianCrafts

Rightie or Leftie Handwarmers - Fingerless Mitts with Button Strap - Aqua and Red

OMG! chicken disguise allows you to blend in with the flock. Need one of these for hanging out with the Poulet Sisters :-)

Stegosaurus Crochet Hat. I know a few people who will love this!!!

mysevenkids:    If I ever knit myself a pair of socks, I would love to knit these!! In purple and black!!  Pattern


crochet minion slippers. pattern available on etsy :)

I think I got myself a white elephant gift to give at our annual xmas party this year!


@ Samantha heffernan DIY Monster Slippers   crochet pattern  the boy's would LOVE these

crochet flower scarf.....I would love to get this pattern..... Can anyone help?